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Step 1: Pass Driver's Test; Step 2: Crash Into DMV!

Man Hits Pa. DMV Shortly After Passing Driver's Test
Scene outside DMV in Bridgeville, Pa. after a man crashed his car into the building (CBS)

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. (CBS/AP) A 30-year-old man who had just passed his driving test went to pull into the parking lot of the DMV in western Pennsylvania and crashed right into the building - with the instructor still in the car.

State police say the accident happened Wednesday afternoon at a driver's license center in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bridgeville.

Township police Sgt. Brian Halbleib told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the man pulled into the lot to drop off the instructor who had administered his driving test.

"He thought he had it in park but he didn't," Halbleib told the paper.

Officials said at least three people were injured, but none seriously.

As for the driver who took this unusual crash test, Halbleib said, "He just kept apologizing. He didn't mean to do it."