Stefani Wins "Apprentice" Job

Donald Trump,left, and "The Apprentice" winner Stefani Schaeffer pose at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles April 22, 2007, after Schaeffer was selected winner of "The Apprentice.
AP/NBC Photo Chris Haston
Stefani Schaeffer is Donald Trump's new "Apprentice."

The 32-year-old corporate lawyer from California was named the winner Sunday night in a live finale at the Hollywood Bowl. Web entrepreneur James Sun was the runner-up.

In an effort to secure the coveted apprentice position, Sun, 29, of Seattle, tried telling Trump that Stefani wasn't a true leader, but more of a behind-the-scenes player. Trump wasn't convinced. Stefani had the choice of working on Trump's new resort development in the Caribbean or a condo project in Atlanta. She choose the Caribbean.

A cross-country move to Los Angeles marked the sixth and latest season of "The Apprentice" (NBC), in which 18 contestants competed against one another for a job in the Trump Organization. The series debuted Jan. 7, 2007.

Among the candidates was lawyer Kristine Lefebvre, who was hired by Trump but will be getting a paycheck from Hugh Hefner. She'll be on the cover of the June issue of Playboy. She previously had negotiated Playboy appearance deals for her clients including Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson.

Lefebvre is 37 and she's a cancer survivor. She says she wanted to use being in the magazine to send a message of support to others with cancer.