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State Department warns of Bangladesh terror threat

WASHINGTON -- The State Department is warning U.S. citizens in Bangladesh that there is a "real and credible" terrorist threat in that nation.

"‎There is reliable information to suggest that terrorist attacks could occur against foreigners in Bangladesh, including against large gatherings of foreigners," the State Department wrote in a travel alert released Tuesday.

Citing the murder of a blogger with U.S. citizenship as well as a string of killings and bombings claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the U.S. assesses that "further attacks are possible," CBS News State Department correspondent Margaret Brennan reported.

"Although U.S. government officials in Bangladesh continue to conduct official business without incident, the Embassy has imposed strict restrictions on personnel movement," the alert reads. "U.S. government officials and their families are not permitted to be in most public places and are also prohibited from traveling on foot, motorcycle, bicycle, rickshaw, or other uncovered means on all public thoroughfares and sidewalks. They are also restricted from attending large gatherings in Bangladesh, including events at international hotels."

The State Department said it was encouraging U.S. citizens to adopt similar security measures and "exercise caution" while in the country.

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