Starry Sites

No Detail Is Too Small

The upcoming release of the Star Wars prequel has excited fans to new levels of anticipation. This anticipation is manifest on the Web. Every rumor, every bit of gossip, finds its way to one of several sites devoted to the new film. Below we've gathered the best of these sites, as well as a few others related to George Lucas. As you embark on your online foray, may The Force be with you.

The Force.Net: Your Daily Dose Of Star Wars : The title says it all. This site has trivia, video clips, gossip, humor, polls, and lots and lots of Star Wars information.

Countdown To Star Wars : Here you'll find a wealth of data: a 1977 review of the original Star Wars, information about tickets to the prequel, about the soundtrack, about the smallest bits of Star Wars arcana that you can imagine.

Dark Horizons : This site has news and gossip about many upcoming films, including the new Star Wars.

The Official Star Wars Site : See the infamous trailer. Learn an awful lot about the film series, and, of course, shop for all the collectibles, toys, books, and magazines you could ever want. The site has a section devoted solely to Episode I.

Prequel FAQ : Find out the latest about the third rough cut, and where the sets for the film are being constructed.

George Lucas : Created by a worshipping fan, this site is devoted to the director himself.

Lucasfilm : This is the official site for Lucas' film company, which has won 17 Academy Awards.

The Unofficial Industrial, Light and Magic Site : Here you'll find everything you want to know about ILM, Lucas' special effects company. Check out the section that explains how the special effects were actually done.

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Written by David Kohn