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#StarringJohnCho movement uses humor to highlight the lack of roles for Asians in Hollywood

A lot of people have been speaking out about the lack of Asian representation in mainstream movies, but at least one person is doing something about it -- sort of.

It's a topic that has continued to crop up in the conversations about race and Hollywood, especially in light of casting choices like Scarlett Johansson in "Ghost in the Shell" or Emma Stone in "Aloha."

But a new site and social media movement -- started by digital strategist William Yu -- aims to point that conversation in a more constructive direction. Yu launched the hashtag #StarringJohnCho and digitally inserted Asian-American actor John Cho into the posters for a slew of Hollywood blockbusters.

"I'm tired of hearing from people that they can't 'see' an Asian American actor playing the romantic lead or the hero, so I created #StarringJohnCho to literally show you," Yu said, according to the BBC.

While Cho himself is not affiliated with the campaign, he did tweet out his support on Monday.

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