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Star-Bulletin Shuts Down

After 117 years, Honolulu's oldest daily newspaper is shutting down. Putting about 140 people out of work.

Tears flowed as employees received word Thursday morning that the Honolulu Star-Bulletin will publish its last edition on Saturday, October 30th.

The owners say the reasons are purely economic. What's happening here follows a pattern seen across the mainland. Afternoon papers losing the fight for readers, and profits.

The paper's owner, Liberty newspapers, made the bad news official at a staff meeting,

Columnist Charles Memminger worries about Oahu having just one daily. The Bishop Estate investigation, prompted by an essay publish in the bulletin, is one reason he has concerns.

"The Advertiser turned it down. What would happen today if they'd walked in, Sam King and these guys, walked into the Advertiser and there's no Star-Bulletin. Would they publish it today? I don't know," said Memminger.

The Bulletin's owner, Liberty newspapers, says Hawaii's economy remains in a steady decline and, despite putting out an outstanding editorial product, circulation and profits dropped.

The union representing the reporters isn't satisfied with that explanation.

While many employees were shocked by the news, some were not..saying that, financially, the Star-Bulletin had been treading water for years.

50 of the 140 employees who will be out of work next month work in the circulation department.

The employees will be given severance packages, and the Honolulu Advertiser has indicated that it will hire as many as 30 of them.

By:Jerry Drelling

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