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Spurs' star to play in France "nearly for free"

Tony Parker drives to the basket

(CBS/AP) With the NBA season in jeopardy, it's intriguing (and entertaining) to see which employment opportunities players are seeking - and for how much money.

Several players are pursuing low-salaried non-basketball interests. Kevin Love opted to play beach volleyball. Blake Griffin decided to intern for Will Ferrell's production company. Delonte West? He's working at a furniture store.

Of course, several players have either signed lucrative contracts to play abroad or expressed interest in doing do - most notably Kobe Bryant and his Italian courtship.

NBA lockout: Shorter season if no deal by Monday

Now Tony Parker has added his name to that list - but his salary may raise a few eyebrows. According to the Associated Press, the San Antonio Spurs guard will play with a French team during the NBA lockout, earning a mere $1,995 per month despite his star power on and off the basketball court.

ASVEL, which is based in Villeurbanne, near Lyon in southeast France, announced on Wednesday that Parker will play for them.

Parker told the sports daily L'Equipe that the decision is "logical." He is vice president of the club and wants to help it advance.

The Frenchman told L'Equipe, "I'll be playing nearly for free ... If I play the entire season, we'll go for the title."

Parker has won three NBA championships with the San Antonio Spurs and has been an All-Star selection three times.