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Spruce Up Google Apps with Google Redesigned

Remember Gcal Redesigned and Gmail Redesigned? They've been rolled into Google Redesigned, a Firefox extension that gussies-up Gmail, Google Calendar, and, in a new 0.2 release, Google Reader.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the GR "skin" gives Google Reader a much more modern, attractive look. It does likewise for Calendar and Gmail, though the latter is now skinnable directly thanks to Google's recently unveiled Gmail themes.

Much as I'm glad to see a new version of Google Redesigned with support for Google Reader, I'm even happier that the extension still exists at all: Late last year, the developer's site seemed to be down for the count. If you're tired of the various Google apps' plain looks, Google Redesigned gives them a much-needed makeover.

Now, how about showing some love to Google Docs?