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Springer Considers Senate

Jerry Springer says critics of his possible future in politics need to take a better look at Washington - it's not a whole lot different from his television show.

Look no further than President Clinton's impeachment proceedings and the Monica Lewinsky affair that spawned them, advises Springer, who notes Mr. Clinton is still in office with a high public opinion rating.

"If we didn't learn our lesson from that - if we didn't get that people want private lives to be private - then we missed the point," Springer told The Plain Dealer.

Springer, a former Cincinnati mayor, said he has spoken with top Democratic Party advisers about the possibility of him challenging U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, in next year's election.

Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and a longtime friend of Springer, said this week, when the possibility of Springer running first came up, that he has no reason to believe Springer will be a candidate. But he did say that Springer has a "remarkable ability to move people through public speaking" much like Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a former pro wrestler.

State Party Chairman David Leland has downplayed the issue.

"Politics has always been in my blood, it's always been my passion," said Springer, an unsuccessful candidate for the 1982 Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Ohio.

He went on to host the syndicated Jerry Springer Show, noted for its sexual topics and violence that occasionally breaks out among guests on the set.

"My show is just a job. I don't take it seriously, but this? This is serious. Maybe it's crazy, who knows?"

Springer says he hasn't decided whether to run.

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