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Spotify introduces apps, becomes music platform

(CBS) - The popular music service Spotify announced today that it was opening the door for third-party developers to create HTML 5 apps. The company's chief executive officer Daniel Ek took the stage this afternoon in New York to share the news.

Developers will be able to access Spotify's music library through a JavaScript API. Companies like Rolling Stone, and TuneWiki already have apps created. You'll be able to access these apps right inside of the Spotify desktop client.

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The Rolling Stone app features staff playlists and music reviews. Playlists will rollout weekly at first, with future plans to update daily. The magazine's co-founder and publisher, Jann Wenner, came on stage to talk about the new app. Wenner said Spotify is the ultimate jukebox and is a dream come true.

"It's really just the perfect companion; you read about the stuff you want and you instantly hear it," said Ek about the partnership with the music magazine.

Of course, these are just a handful of initial apps created for the launch. There's no telling what kind of apps developers might create.

"I'm looking forward to the apps that haven't been developed yet," said Ek.

The company released some interesting facts reinforcing the legitimacy of music streaming. Their data shows that 33 percent of the Swedish population use Spotify and music piracy has decline by 25 percent.

In Europe, Spotify is the second largest revenue source for record labels, bringing in $150 million to rights-holders.

Spotify is a British ad-supported online music-streaming service that allows users to search through a catalog of "millions" of songs. You can also use it to upload songs and share music with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The service launched in the U.S. in July to much hype.

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