South Carolina woman scammed into buying a fake iPad made of wood

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office
Wooden iPad
The fake iPad pictured shows black tape on the corners, the Best Buy price tag and Apple logo.
Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office

(CBS) - It's tough to muster up the words to describe the bizarre story we're about to tell.

A South Carolina woman reported that she was scammed into buying an Apple iPad made of wood by two men in a McDonald's parking lot.

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According to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun, 22-year-old Ashley Mcdowell claimed she was buying food at McDonald's when the two men approached her. They claimed to have bought iPads in bulk and were selling them for $300. (The retail price begins at $499.)

Mcdowell told the men she only had $180 and they went for the deal. She was given a FedEx box with the assumed iPad inside.

On the drive home, Mcdowell opened the box and discovered "a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo." That's when she called the police to report the crime.

The fake iPad comes complete with a Best Buy price tag and pasted-on app icons. The case is currently open and the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office is on the hunt for two African-American men.

The lesson here? If you're going to buy an iPad in a parking lot, open the box first to make sure it's really an iPad. Also, don't buy iPads in parking lots.