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Something to honk about: Goose family rescued from interstate

LANSING, Ill. - Make way for goslings!

A family of geese was rescued after slowing traffic on Interstate 80/94 at the Illinois-Indiana state line on Tuesday afternoon, CBS Chicago reported.

The two adult geese and five goslings were spotted walking along the shoulder of the road of the westbound lanes of the expressway. Help was summoned.

An Illinois Department of Transportation Minuteman truck, from a division that responds to traffic disruptions, followed the fowl family from behind to encourage them to keep moving, while two Illinois State Police cars escorted the party.

Commuters watched the family of geese walk about a mile and a half on the interstate.

The goose family was finally herded off the interstate and onto an access road in Lansing, a southern suburb of Chicago. A Lansing firefighter had to get the keys to unlock a gate that was blocking the party's way.

The geese were then encouraged were encouraged to go down a ramp and away from traffic. They squawked and honked as they headed to safety and green grass, watched by folks who had seen live coverage of the cavalcade on TV.