A $55,000 sewer bill?

A resident of Wayland, Mass., Abhilash Barot, shows his sky-high sewer bill

CBS News

WAYLAND, Mass. - A $55,000 sewer bill?

That's what one resident of this Boston suburb is facing and it is not a mistake, reports CBS Boston.

The town has a new $5.5 million waste water treatment facility that only a handful of residents and businesses are hooked up to it, and now they are facing astronomical bills, reports chief correspondent Joe Shortsleeve.

"When you add up all the fees, we are looking at close to $55,000!" Mary Farley told the station.

Another resident, Abhilash Barot, said he owed $23,000.

The problem? The sewage treatment plant was built as part of a new development of stores and condominiums and because it is what is know as an enterprise zone, only those connected to the facility pay for it.

Some of the homeowners say neither the developer nor the town explained that to them. Barot said he would not have bought his town house if he had known.

Other Wayland homeowners have individual septic system, so the new system has only about 75 users.

The town says it is looking for a solution.

"Hopefully we will take some action that will provide some relief," said interim Town Administrator Robert Mercier. "I don't know in what form, but some relief to those rate payers."

In the meantime, the huge bills are due July 1.