Solar-powered bikini charges your iPod

Caters News Agency
Solar-power bikini recharges your iPod
Caters News Agency

(CBS) - Andrew Schneider, a New York City-based designer, crafted the clever swimwear using photo-voltaic panels. They're sewn together, and when worn out under the sun, the Solar Bikini can charge your iPod or camera via USB sockets in the fabric.

Genius? We'd say so! Your gadget won't run out of juice all day with this summer ensemble.

It takes Schneider 80 hours to hand-stitch the two-piece number, which will set you back $200.

The 30-year-old, who's also a performer, told The Daily Mail, "I use 40 individual paper-thin flexible, photo-voltaic panels for each bikini. I sew them together over a normal bikini using soft-conductive thread."

The suit comes in a size medium, according to Schneider's site. "The cells terminate in a 5-volt regulator into a female USB connection," he also points out.

You can still swim wearing the solar bikini. However, remember to unplug first before you hit the water and dry all USB ports thoroughly before charging anything again - just in case.

Next, Schneider said he hopes to create a pair of swimming trunks that can cool beer, called the iDrink.

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