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Snoop Dogg delivers laughs at Donald Trump's roast

Rapper Snoop Dogg attends the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump on March 9, 2011, in New York. Getty

(CBS) A cadre of comedians and celebrities gathered last week for "The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump" (which aired last night), and one of the stars that got the most laughs was Snoop Dogg.

The rapper made a series of jokes at the mogul's expense, including a crack at Trump's potential run for president.

Pictures: Snoop Dogg
Pictures: Donald Trump

"Donald's saying he wants to run for president and move into the White House. Why not?" Snoop told the audience. "It wouldn't be the first time you've pushed a black family out of their home."

He also said to Trump, "I wish I had half your money but for that you need a 20-year-old's pu**y and a divorce lawyer."

The rapper also took aim at "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, whose own jokes did not fare so well - he was nearly booed off the stage.

He told Sorrentino, "There used to be a word for guys like you, and that word was gay."

When the show was recorded, he also pretended to mistake The Situation for Snooki, then said, "I'm sorry, all white people who act black look the same to me."

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