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Smartphone apps come in handy for Halloween

Smartphone apps for Halloween 01:37

Halloween is just days away and preparing for a spooky, good time can get a boost from some great mobile apps.

An app called Spooky Box has a variety of heart-pounding screams, ominous music scary sound effects that can play on a loop. Combined with a speaker, the app could help enhance a homemade haunted house or horror scene. The App Store has a free version with ads and a version for 99 cents that is ad-free.

The social network is like a Pinterest for food lovers. The social network lets users post recipes, make lists of favorite restaurants and create collections. For Halloween, Foodie featured a collection of themed recipes in a beautiful app, which is available for free at the App Store.

Keeping track of your kids' whereabouts can be nerve wracking on Halloween night. An app called MamaBear will help you locate your kids and set restrictions on where they can go.

Parents can be notified when their children arrive or leave a saved location. Its simple user interface makes it easy for kids to use. They can even monitor Facebook and Instagram posts. MamaBear is a free app that can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play.

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