Skydiving with an umbrella (just like Mary Poppins)

(CBS News)  Yesterday we showed you some extreme rope swinging off of a cliff ledge from Shay Carl and Devin Graham. And today we have another extreme for you that is also high-flying, but in a much more "Mary Poppins" kind of way. Watch skydiving done with an umbrella in the video above. And it goes without saying (though, I will) that you should never, ever try this at home.

Who needs a spoonful of sugar to go down when you've got gravity ready to do it for you! The equally epic and insane stunt done with a modified umbrella was done by professional skier and BASE jumper Erik Roner, and posted by GoPro who write about it:

Shot 100% on the HERO3® camera. Erik Roner puts the umbrella theory to the test in this hot air balloon skydive!
Another big triple-rainbow salute of not knowing the definition of the word "fear" goes out to Erik Roner from all of us here at The Feed! And to check out more amazing videos from GoProbe sure to click here for our previous posts or click here to go to their YouTube page.