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Skydiver Gets Second Miracle

"Lucky to be alive" isn't a cliche when it comes to Shayna West.

In October, she was making her first solo skydive, when her parachute failed to open properly, and she spiraled out of control.

West fell thousands of feet and crash-landed in a parking lot. Incredibly, she survived.

Shortly after the accident, she learned she was several weeks pregnant.

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And this week, another miracle: West gave birth to a baby boy, Tanner.

She and her husband, Rick West, chatted with The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler Friday, as they held Tanner.

Shayna said, "I was very concerned about the baby, all the way through the pregnancy. And they constantly reassured me that he was fine and, until I was holding him in my hands, it was actually hard to fully comprehend that he was going to be OK."

She needed several operations.

"It was really difficult trying to recover from the accident and be pregnant at the same time," she told Syler. "I broke my pelvis in three
places, which probably was the most difficult part to deal with. Once he started gaining weight was right when my body started trying to heal those fractures. So, dealing with both of them together was a trial, you know, but we pulled through, and we did OK."

Rick was her instructor and saw her jump.

The two got married in April.

He calls Tanner the best Father's Day gift possible.

And Shyana said she fully intends to jump again as soon as the doctors give the thumbs-up, though Rick didn't seem so sure that was a good idea.

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