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Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" get a mouthstep a cappella remix!

(CBS) - This is probably the single most impressive a capella cover I have ever seen. Somehow, AaronicStuff, who is no newcomer to newcomer to The Feed with his a cappella covers, is able to capture all of the sounds of the dubstep hit "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex in one incredible video. 

It is amazing that AaronicStuff is able to emulate all of the robotic screeches in this dub heavy Skrillex track. We posted two Skrillex videos yesterday from DubstepLyrics, showcasing the robot language of dubstep and translating the sounds from the tracks into English (kinda).

This cover, cleverly dubbed "mouthstep," is absolutely remarkable, displaying sounds that I never thought could be created by human vocal chords. Add in the feature of the "oh my gosh" cup stacking girl, and you have an incredible finished product.  Bravo to you from all of us here at The Feed, AaronicStuff!