Acapella cover of Flux Pavilion's "I Can't Stop"

(CBS) - It's Thursday and what I really need, and hope you do, too, is a little bit of music right now. My recommendation? Check out this awesome acapella cover of Flux Pavilion's "I Can't Stop" to help get you through the rest of the day.

The amazing cover of a popular club song was done by YouTube user "AaronicStuff" who writes:

Every sound was made using my mouth/voice (except the clap and the skrillex bit)! Seriously Flux, your sounds took a while to mimic. I don't have a studio or a professional microphone, but that didn't stop me.

Considering the range of sound used by Flux Pavilion in this song, I don't doubt it took some time to mimic.

Great job to you, "AaronicStuff", for really challenging yourself on this acapella cover. We here at The Feed salute your talent and persistence!