Sixth Sense

Scary Ghosts

Do ghosts exist? Can we communicate with the dead? Do humans live more than one lifetime? 48 Hours puts the paranormal world to the test. Is any of this stuff really real?

Ghosts For Guests? Leland French is sure that his historic house, McRaven, is haunted. Find out what two parapsychologists, who investigate claims of hauntings, think about these ghosts.

Links To The Beyond
The Web is chock full of sites devoted to all manner of paranormal phenomena. We've gathered some of the best and most relevant here.

Tapping Into Past Lives: Dr. Brian Weiss is a Yale-trained psychiatrist who believes that hypnotism can help people remember their past lives. Correspondent Bernie Goldberg reports.

Spiritual Switchboard: George Anderson used to be a telephone operator. Now he claims to communicate with the dead. What happens when 48 Hours puts him to the test?

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Psychic For Cops: Annette Martin says she has helped police solve many mysterious crimes. Among those who believe in her ability is retired Detective Rich Keaton. But what seems psychic to Martin seems like good questioning and good luck to a veteran debunker.

Remote Viewing Up Close: Those who believe they have extrasensory perception powers claim to see events and places far out of immediate range. They are also called remote viewers. Onis put to the test by Correspondent Harold Dow.

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