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Sitting Out Class For A Buck

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

I know it's wrong. I mean really wrong, but my favorite story of the day today is the one about the P.E. teacher in Florida who took a buck apiece from his students who didn't want to participate in gym class.

Gym class is one of the universally horrible experiences any one of us would opt out of given the opportunity. The sweaty, nasty gym clothes, the ridiculous games — and in junior high did you ever really look forward to gym class?

A dollar is a good price to get out of P.E. And if you're a young teacher — the gym teacher, Terence Braxton, may have pocketed $1,000 — that's entrepreneurial, right? It turns out he was a pretty good coach. The basketball team, a perennial loser, dropped only two games this year.

Mr. Braxton faces six felony counts, but I wish he'd been my gym teacher.

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