Singer-songwriter Imogen Heap sings salt into shapes

(CBS News) So a bit ago we put out our Friday roundup of music. And one of those videos in this week's roundup were two young girls singing a cover of Imogen Heap's song "Headlock". It was totally adorable. But let's switch gears for a second to Imogen Heap herself. In this case, watching the singer-songwriter sing salt into shapes. No clue what that means, right? Well, watch to find out.

The video was filmed by Kelly Snook and posted by Imogen Heap who writes about it:

Ever wondered what Imogen gets up to in her kitchen late at night? Singing salt into shapes, of course! ;-)

Talented musician and able to pull off a great party trick. Paint us here at The Feed impressed. To check out more from Imogen Heap, you can visit her YouTube page by clicking here.