A special Friday the 13th round-up of amazing music

(CBS News) It's Friday the 13th everyone! Ooooh, scary, I know. But have no fear, because the Friday amazing music round-up is here! We start things off with an extremely talented, multi-instrumental, looping and mixing musical genius that I can't get enough of lately: Emily Wells. Take a look and listen to a live performance by her above.

Wow. I mean, seriously, just wow. I... I think I'm in love.  The voice, the performance, the looping, the mixing, the violin, the talent... the list goes on. And by pure coincidence, she happens to hail from the same small town I was born in: Amarillo, TX. Go figure. 

The phenomenal performance of her song "Symphony 1 In the Barrel of a Gun" was done live at KRCL studios in Salt Lake City, UT back in 2008, but she has an array of amazing new music that I highly recommend. To see and hear more from this truly talented artist, you can visit Emily Wells' website by clicking here and SoundCloud by clicking here.

Next up we move on to a fun video that has been six years in the making. Check out Alex Dainis doing a lip-synch of Aaron Carter's "Come Get It" and prepare to get your smile on. 

Awwwww, that is way too cute! Alex Dainis writes about her amusing multi-year performance:

Me, lip-syncing the same (hilarious) song at 17, 20, and 23. One take, once every three years. Sure there's a story behind it, but mostly I just hope I'll still be this ridiculous at 26, 29, 32...you get the idea. I think it's simultaneously the best and worst idea I've ever had. My video quality has definitely improved. I'm not sure my dance moves have.

And it wouldn't be a special Friday the 13th round-up of music if we didn't give some credit to the kids. So for our next act, we've got 12-year-old Lennon and 8-year-old Maisy doing a beautiful rendition of Imogen Heap's song "Headlock". Check it out.

Those are some seriously talented kids, right? I would definitely keep my eyes on them, I can see them going far one day (and in the age of the Internet, that day could come as early as tomorrow or next week). If you'd like to check out more music from Lennon and Maisy, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

And finally we're going to finish off this special round-up with a band I've had a soft spot for over the years: The Shins. Take a look at their brand-new music video for "It's Only Life" below. And I hope everyone has a wonderful (and hopefully not too unlucky) Friday the 13th!