"Silver Linings Playbook" author: "Glad" to spur mental health conversations

(CBS News) "Silver Linings Playbook" is up for eight Academy Awards on Sunday. The film has already earned over 30 awards since it was released in December, and this past weekend it broke the $100 million mark at the box office. The movie has also sparked interest because of its intense focus on mental health, and the impact it's having on those suffering with these diseases.

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The movie was adapted from a novel written by Matthew Quick, who is thrilled about the emphasis the movie is having with elevating the importance of mental health.

"I get emails every day from people who are members of the mental health community who are saying thank you for just opening a dialogue, regardless of how they feel about the film or the book," said Quick. "They're glad people are talking, and many people are telling us that the book and the film are depicting something that they find very authentic. Something that people aren't talking about, unfortunately."

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Quick told "CBS This Morning" hosts Gayle King and Charlie Rose that when he wrote the novel, he was just trying to tell a "good story." But when he looked back he was actually writing about topics that were important to him as well.

He said that "there are some subtle differences, but I think the heart of what I was trying to do is definitely up there on screen. And when my friends and family went to see the film at the Philadelphia premiere, they said, 'That's Matthew Quick on the screen the whole time.'"

For Matthew Quick's full interview, watch the video in the player above.