"Silent Hill HD Collection" still scary in HD?

Silent Hill 2 and 3 still scary in HD?
New "Silent Hill HD Collection" video game delivers the franchise's best to modern consoles

(CBS News) "Silent Hill" is easily the epitome of the survival horror genre.

It delivers more on atmosphere and psychological terror, where other survival horror games rely on jump scares and gore. Granted - the "Silent Hill" series has seen a bit of decline in quality over the years, but now we can go back and play the best the franchise has to offer thanks to the "Silent Hill HD Collection."

The collection includes both "Silent Hill 2" and "Silent Hill 3" remastered in high-definition. The graphics engines themselves haven't been overhauled, so the visuals are still very dated by today's standards. But that means the gameplay is also intact just the way you remember it.

The games are great to revisit, but they're not as scary as they used to be. This is due purely to how spoiled we are nowadays by games like "Dead Space." It's hard to dive into the atmosphere of a game when you can count the polygons on your character.

Still, the "Silent Hill HD Collection" shows exactly what a lot of modern games are lacking. They carry emotional fatigue and psychological depth the way "Resident Evil 5" carries exploding heads. It's a trippy walk down memory lane or a creepy introduction to what a survival horror game is supposed to feel like.

"Silent Hill HD Collection" is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is rated M for Mature by the ESRB.