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Shooting survivors call for gun control plan from Obama, Romney

(CBS News) Coincidentally, on the same day that seven people were killedat a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, a coalition of mayors released a new ad - before the shooting - calling for the presidential candidates to present a plan addressing gun violence.

The TV ad from Mayors Against Illegal Guns aired during the Sunday political shows and the Olympics and is part of the group's Demand a Plan campaign, which was launched in the wake of last month's mass shooting in Aurora, Colo.

The ad features three survivors from the 2011 Tucson, Ariz., shooting that killed six and injured 13, including then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

"Our leaders gave us a moment of silence then, but they haven't given us a plan," the survivors say in the ad. "President Obama, Governor Romney: We demand a plan because 48,000 Americans will be murdered with guns during the next President's term."

"The Tucson survivors have waited nearly 600 days for Washington to take action to end gun violence - they are still waiting, and we are all waiting," said New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, an outspoken advocate of gun control. "Every day that goes by without action, 34 more people will be murdered with guns. The people who want to run this country need to tell us their plans to stop the bloodshed."

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