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Shocking video: Man gives dead shark emergency C-section

To say the least -- the very, very least -- it was not your average day at the beach.

This astounding (and graphic) video shows a man cutting open a dead shark's belly to perform a seaside Cesarian section.

The beached shark appeared to be already dead when a family encountered it at the water's edge. But they noticed a wiggling in the belly and, concerned the shark was pregnant, one man boldly cut into the animal with a knife.

His instinct was correct. As he cuts in, a woman exclaims in the background, "Something's moving! He's right!"

With another cut under the belly, the man pulls back a flap of flesh to reveal not one, not two, but three living baby sharks. As he carefully extracts each one, he tosses and nudges it into the surf. After the third he goes back to make sure he's got them all: "That's it!"

These lucky pups should have just a good a chance at survival as any, despite the sad and curious circumstances of their birth.

Most sharks, though not all, give birth to live pups in litters of one or two or up to 20 or more, depending on the species. Immediately after giving birth, mother sharks abandon their brood; they don't care for their young. After gestating for six to 22 months, pups are born highly developed, self-sufficient and instinctually prepared to survive on their own.

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