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Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona apparent victim of credit card fraud

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reputation for being hard on criminals is well known, but, in at least a small way, the tables have turned.

Sheriff's officials said Monday Arpaio had his credit card information stolen to the tune of $291.

Arpaio said someone used his Discover card last week to buy groceries in Chicago at a store called Jewel. He said he's hasn't been to Chicago in many years.

"I'm sure I didn't make the purchase so it could've been done by, what do you call it, skimmers making copies, or through the Internet, many different ways," Arpaio told CBS affiliate KPHO in Phoenix. "I don't think I'm the only victim around, there's many, many more I presume."

Small time credit card theft is a growing problem across the country, and has grown at a rate of 31 percent in the last three years, reports CBS affiliate KMVT in Idaho.

Arpaio told KPHO he canceled his card, and if he finds out the people responsible were struggling, he may not press charges.

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