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Shatner 911 Tapes Released

An emotional William Shatner can be heard telling police "My wife's at the bottom of the pool" on 911 tapes from the night the actor's wife drowned.

Audio tapes of the Aug. 9 call were released by police Tuesday, CBS station KCBS-TV reports. The 911 officer told Shatner, 68, to get his 40-year-old wife, Nerine, out of the pool, and not to hang up the phone. But the actor hangs up.

Dispatcher: "I want you to take her out of the pool right now."

Shatner: "She's at the very deep end (unintelligible)."

Dispatcher: "OK, sir. If you can, grab something and get her out of the pool. Sir. Sir. Right away, get your wife out of the pool."

Shatner: "OK."

Dispatcher: "Don't hang up the phone. (Shatner hangs up.) Hello?"

Shatner then dove in and pulled his wife out of the pool, but he was unable to resuscitate her, police said.

Police Detective Mike Coffey said there was no evidence of foul play. An autopsy was conducted but a ruling on the death is pending results of toxicology tests.

Mrs. Shatner, a former Ford model, married the actor less than two years ago.

Shatner, best known as Capt. James T. Kirk on the 1960s science fiction television show Star Trek and the Star Trek movies, also starred in the TV police drama T.J. Hooker as well as hosting Rescue 911.