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Sharper, bendable TVs take over CES

The newest TV's at The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas are not only Utra HD and 4K but also have bendable screens
The newest TV's at The Consumer Electronic Sh... 01:46

Consumers may soon have to make room for larger, bendable televisions.

Electronics giants like Samsung and Sony have unveiled 4K TVs at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The term 4K refers to high definition display of the next-generation TV sets – 4,000 pixels.

Samsung recently announced a 110-inch TV with a whopping $150,000 price tag. Like its competitor LG, it also has a line of 105-inch curved TVs.

“The wider field of view and panoramic effect draws viewers in. The TV seems even bigger than it is,” says Joe Stinziano, executive vice president, Samsung Electronics America.

But not everyone is convinced bendable TVs are the way to go. CNET senior editor David Katzmaier says of them, “I've seen it in person and it just looks a little bit distorted to me.” 

One thing's for sure, next-generation TVs are sweeping CES, but only time will tell if they're here to stay.

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