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Shape Up For Summer

-- Bathing suit season is just around the corner, and if you have any qualms about fitting into your suit, now is a good time to kick up your workout a notch or two -- or start a program if you don't have one. On Friday's Early Show, fitness contributor, Minna Lessig helps us shape up for summer.

According to Minna, it's important to focus on both cardio and strength training if you're trying to shed extra pounds and tone up. She recommends a circuit workout with a series of cardio and strength training exercises. Minna says women are most concerned about the following body parts: butt, stomach, thighs and arms.

Here's her workout:

  • Plié Squat with Exercise Ball -- This is like a ballet plié. You put your feet in "second" position, while leaning up against an exercise ball which is leaning on the wall. Then you do a plié. The ball takes the pressure off of your lower back. This exercise targets your inner thighs and gluteal muscles. Regular squats tend to only get your quads and hamstrings, and maybe your butt if you're going low enough, though most people don't.

  • Jump Rope -- Next you should do a cardio interval. Each cardio interval in this circuit should last one and a half to three minutes. Minna will use a special stretchy Speedo jump rope that doubles as an exercise band/tubing. (You can get the Speedo jump rope in sporting goods stores or Speedo stores).

  • Rear Delt Fly -- As the name of the exercise suggests, this uses your deltoid muscles. This exercise uses this stretchy Speedo jump rope as exercise tubing. Minna says a lot of women have bad posture and that is especially noticeable in a bikini. She adds, "You want to stand tall in your bikini! Who's going to feel confident if you can't stand up tall!" A lot of women who round their shoulders forward have weak back muscles.

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