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Shannen Doherty is getting an online degree, says commercial

(CBS) - Oh you know the jingle... "I went to high school, didn't do great... When I get a degree, I will make a bigger salary... I'm taking my classes online, getting my degree on my own time... Get connected for free with Education Connection..."

You thought those Education Connection commercials couldn't possibly get more annoying. But, they just did - and this one doesn't even have a random girl singing about her online-degree pursuits.

In this video, Brenda Walsh (i.e. Shannen Doherty) is trying to convince you to learn via cyberspace. In fact, she, too, is getting a degree. "I'm actually getting my degree in Liberal Arts. Online!" she exclaims with great excitement.

Now don't you want to do the same?

After Doherty reveals that she's a web student herself, she points out that there are other degrees you might want to take a crack at. And she does this by doing a dress-up montage of being 1) a business lady, 2) a chef, 3) a nurse, 4) a forensic scientist, and 5) what appears to be a smart person holding a clipboard and wearing safety glasses (which signifies a tech professional apparently).

Then, she dresses up like a flapper and flies away - to show that your jet-setting lifestyle won't be affected by online learning.

Definitely more convincing than the girl in pajamas and that wanna-be pop singer selling corn dogs.

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