Sesame Street's new Muppet Julia brought 60 Minutes viewers to tears

Tears were flowing all around as "Sesame Street's" newest Muppet, the show's first character with autism, debuted on 60 Minutes

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On Sunday's broadcast, Lesley Stahl reported that "Sesame Street" will be welcoming a new Muppet soon. Her name is Julia, and she has autism. The viewer response applauded the groundbreaking children's show's message of inclusion. Julia will hit the Street on April 10, and judging by the response, things could get a little misty.

Several viewers were cautiously optimistic about Julia's presence. Some hat-tipped "Sesame Street" for taking the time to work with experts to present Julia accurately and sensitively. Others are hoping the producers continue to take the same amount of care with her as she grows with the show.

Followers with personal connections to autism, like actress Holly Robinson Peete whose son R.J. has autism, were thrilled to learn their loved ones will be represented. And many educators weighed in on behalf of their students.

And many, many, many, seriously, so very many viewers cried when they learned Julia would be joining. Joyful tears (we hope) were flowing as The Muppets expressed affection for their new friend.

After all that emotion, we're relieved to report that viewers were also smiling.

Because The Muppets just seem to get it.

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