Sense & Sensibility Elude D.C.

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And finally today, here it is, the first of March. Winter is almost over, and we were lucky in Washington: Plenty of rain, but no snow.

California and Florida got the weird weather as El Niño hit. Washington just got weird with the arrival of Ms. Lewinsky. Think about it.

After investigating the political shenanigans of political campaigns, senators killed all efforts to reform last week, saying it violated free speech. It came with a master stroke of timing.

Next week they'll issue a 1,500-page report detailing campaign abuses.

Ken Starr took time out from his investigation of the president to investigate reports that people were saying unkind things about him.

This just in, Mr. Starr: They were saying unkind things, about you, me, and everyone else who gets mentioned on TV or in the papers.

The one person not talking last week, at least about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky, was the president. But, his friends were spreading a new story that, if there was a physical relationship, it involved no more than just kissing.

If that was a trial balloon, put it back in the hangar, fellas. Whatever the president did or didn't do, you'll have a hard time selling that. But again, the more you add up what happened last week, the more none of it made sense.

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