Send Files to Dropbox via E-mail

Last Updated Jul 6, 2010 11:19 AM EDT

Dropbox is such a powerfully useful cloud-based storage system that it's virtually ubiquitous. It's free, you get a few gigabytes of storage, and you can access it via the Web or drag and drop files right within Windows. So what's the problem?

Well, many IT departments block access to Dropbox (and other cloud storage solutions) to limit the bandwidth expended by employees. If it isn't explicitly against the rules, though, I've found a solution that lets you get a file to Dropbox without relying on any of those options. You can just e-mail it.

Habilis is a free service that syncs with Dropbox via e-mail. Just visit the site and, if you're signed into Dropbox, you can click the link to associate Habilis with your Dropbox account. It only takes a moment, and then you'll get a unique e-mail address. Save this, because now you can upload files to Dropbox just by sending attachments to this address.

The service works like a charm -- it's fast (files appear within minutes of sending the e-mail) and it's free of advertisements or other annoyances.