Selanne Charged In Collision

Teemu Selanne, the NHL's top goal scorer last season, was charged Friday with endangering public safety during a head-on collision in July.

The star of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks was traveling at 80-90 mph on a narrow gravel road when he hit a slow-moving car near Ikaalinen, about 125 miles northwest of Helsinki. Selanne was training for a rally road race.

Selanne was unhurt, but the driver of the other car, Kalervo Kummola, president of the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation, broke a leg.

Kummola was accompanied by former NHL player Raimo Helminen, two of Selanne's friends from Anaheim, and the son of Selanne's co-driver, all of whom were treated for minor injuries.

The charge was presented Friday by a public prosecutor. If convicted, Selanne could face a maximum two-year prison sentence.

Selanne claimed full responsibility for the accident, saying he had been too excited while driving the rally car.

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