Security Guard Busted In Titantic Theft

An address book that disappeared from a Titanic exhibit was found apparently undamaged, and the security guard who reported it missing was arrested.

Joshua Jackson, 22, was charged with felony theft and was scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

Chicago police said Jackson stole the black, leather-bound address book from the Museum of Science and Industry while doing a routine security check.

The book-- about 5.5-by-2.75 inches with the words “Maryland Club Rye”-- had been in a clear case secured by two screws.

Jackson, who had worked at the exhibit for about 30 days, reported the book stolen July 26.

Police began watching him soon afterward, Cmdr. Walter Green said, and officers found the book at his home Wednesday night.

The artifact appears undamaged, museum officials said, and will be returned to the exhibit.

Police said Jackson acted alone and did not try to sell the book.

The book is part of “Titanic: The Exhibition,” which includes more than 300 relics recovered from the site of the sunken ship.

The exhibit opened in February and runs through Sept. 4.