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Second Cup Cafe: "Three Graces"

Many pop, Broadway and opera aficionados would agree that the musical trio Three Graces live up to their namesakes from Greek mythology, the goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity.

"Three Graces" -- singers Sara Gettelfinger, Kelly Levesque and Joy Kabanuck, have a broad range of musical backgrounds and together create a stellar compilation of pop, Broadway and opera genres.

"The very reason that we were drawn to it (creating an album) was that it was such a celebration of women, a celebration of strength," Gettelfinger said in an interview posted on

Three Graces have individually toured with Italian pop-opera legend Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban (Levesque), starred in Broadway's "La Boheme" (Kabanuck) as well as Brodaway's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (Gettelfinger). In addition, the trio sings in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

The trio takes songs in English and creatively changes them in different languages to give an interesting and unique sound. They have put their spin on favorites like Phil Collins' "Against All Odds," Snow Patrol's "Run," and Heart's "These Dreams."

Fresh off of a 20-city tour with British opera singer Paul Potts, the trio is ready to take on two grand accomplishments in their career in one fell swoop - playing in the Big Apple and playing in honor of the Pope.

On April 19, they will perform at a youth rally held on the grounds of St. Joseph's Seminary Chapel with Kelly Clarkson, Toby Mack and Third Day during the Pope's historic visit to New York City.
By Melissa Castellanos

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