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Second Cup Cafe: Lonestar

Not every artist can get away with crossing over from country music to pop and back again, but the record of now-country-again music group Lonestar speaks for itself -- and the band was welcomed back with open arms.

Lonestar made its debut on the Billboard country music charts in 1995 with the Top 10 Single, "Tequila Talkin.'"

In 1999, Lonestar achieved crossover success when their hit single, "Amazed," reached No. 1 on both the country charts and the Billboard Hot 100 -- the first dual win for a country act since Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's "Islands In the Stream" in 1983.

After reaching the milestone, the band went on to get a total of 27 singles on the country charts, with ten of those reaching No. 1.

This April, Lonestar released its tenth album (eleventh including their Christmas album), its first in four years, "Party Heard Around the World." The group took the reins on this album by producing it and writing eight of the ten songs.

"We sat down together and worked all these songs out," recalls lead vocalist Cody Collins in the band's official bio. "We put our hearts and soul into it."

Also known for hits "I'm Already There" and "My Front Porch Looking In," the "Texas-meets-Tennesse" crooners may have a rugged cowboy exterior, but they wear their hearts on their sleeves, and its paid off.

Lonestar, made up of Cody Collins, Dean Sams, Michael Britt and Keech Rainwater stopped by "The Early Show on Saturday Morning"'s "Second Cup Cafe" to perform songs from "Party Heard Around the World."

Lonestar hopes its first single off of the album, "You're The Reason Why" will resonate with fans.

"After everything we've been through, we're still trying new things," says Britt. "We're still growing as artists, and we're able to be creative in addition to having the wealth of success and experience that we've achieved - that's what sets us apart."

Lonestar is embarking on a national tour that takes them across the country and back through the rest of 2010.