Second Cup Cafe: Bruce Hornsby

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AP Photo/Seth Wenig
Bruce Hornsby leaves the piano for the guitar on his new album, "Big Swing Face." He performs in The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Café.

Bruce first climbed the charts in 1986 with his triple-platinum debut album "The Way It Is," which earned him a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Since then, he has made eight albums.

He has recorded and performed with legends Don Henley, Grateful Dead, Huey Lewis, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, and Stevie Nicks. As a performer, he has excelled as a singer, songwriter, and a pianist.

In "Big Swing Face," Hornsby relies on the piano less, but lets the guitar be the prominent instrument.

Hornsby says, "This is generally a very different, sort of quirkier record. Songwriting-wise, I did have more fun."

A Williamsburg, Va., native, he graduated from the University of Miami music school and moved to Los Angeles, where he played in Sheena Easton's touring band.