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Schedule of's livestream of JFK assassination coverage

Here's an hour-by-hour log of what you'll be seeing in's livestream of CBS News' historic 1963 coverage of the JFK assassination

  • Monday, Nov. 25, 8 a.m. to 11:36 p.m. (fourth and final day)

All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

The stream will be live here:

Video highlights and other coverage of the four-day coverage here:

NOVEMBER 25, 1963

8 a.m. - Dallas district attorney reviews evidence against Oswald

9 a.m. - Description of funeral plans

10 a.m. - Kennedy casket leaves Capitol

11 a.m. - Funeral procession moves to St. Matthew's Cathedral

12 p.m. - Funeral service at St. Matthew's Cathedral

1 p.m. - Funeral procession moves to Arlington National Cemetery

2 p.m. - Gravesite ceremony

3 p.m. - Jackie Kennedy lights eternal flame

4 p.m. - Dan Rather describes first look at Zapruder film

5 p.m. - President Johnson greets heads of state at State Department

6 p.m. - Reports continue from State Department

7 p.m. - CBS Special Report "Presidents and Assassins"

8 p.m. - Highlights from funeral

9 p.m. - CBS Special Report: "The Four Dark Days"

10 p.m. - CBS Special Report: "The Four Dark Days"

11 p.m. - CBS Special Report: "The Four Dark Days"

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