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Savoring Summer's Splendors

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchorHarry Smith.

Pool days.

Summertime and I am forever circling Central Park on my bike. At the top of the park is Lasker Pool, a cool blue oasis in the sweltering city. Seven days a week, the pool welcomes swimmers of all ages and shapes. The dress code: flip flops and a big towel draped over the shoulder. A patient lines forms under the shade of a stand of old trees; a first step in the cooling process.

Then the pool opens and everyone pours in … for free. Adults … little kids …teens. The sound of a big pool is part of the music of summertime. The splashing and the whistles — going to the pool is fun.

My town built a public pool when I was a kid. I'd arrive when the pool opened and stay until it closed. Sometimes I'd spend so much time in the water and swallow so much that I'd feel a little sick by day's end. You know the feeling.

But I'd be back the next day. No question.

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By Harry Smith
By Harry Smith

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