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Sandra Bullock on why she's taking a break from acting

Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock talks about taking a break from acting, being a mother, and her latest film, "The Lost City," in a wide-ranging interview with Tracy Smith for "CBS Sunday Morning," to be broadcast March 20 on CBS and streamed on Paramount+. 

In the comedy "The Lost City," Bullock portrays a kidnapped romance writer who, along with her book's cover model (Channing Tatum), fights her way back to civilization. 

During the filming of the project in the Dominican Republic, Bullock said she reflected on the fact that it would be her last film for the foreseeable future.

Click on the video player to watch a preview clip:

Sandra Bullock: "I can be creative, I can be part of a community. But right now, work in front of the camera needs to take a pause."

Tracy Smith: "For how long?"

Bullock: "I don't know. I don't know. Until I don't feel like I feel now when I'm in front of a camera."

Smith: "Which is?"

Bullock: "I want to be at home. I'm not doing anyone any favors who's investing in a project if I'm saying, 'I just want to be at home.' 'Cause I was always running, I was always running to the next thing. I just want to be present and responsible for one thing."

Smith: "So, you knew shooting this movie …"

Bullock: "Yeah."

Smith: "This is gonna be the last one …"

Bullock: "Yeah."

Smith: "…for a while?"

Bullock: "Yeah. And I don't know what 'a while' is. I don't know what that is."

To watch a trailer for "The Lost City," click on the video player below:

The Lost City | Official Trailer (2022 Movie) – Paramount Pictures by Paramount Pictures on YouTube

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