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Celebrities react to actor Sam Shepard's death

NEW YORK -- Celebrities are taking to social media to react to the shocking news of actor-playwright Sam Shepard's death. 

Shepard died last week at age 73.

Fellow entertainers and co-stars alike shared with their own followers that they were devastated by reports of the actor's death:  

- "He moved on today? We lost one of the great ones. Great writer... Well, all right (points up) see you in the next one Sam." - Matthew McConaughey, visibly shaken after learning about Shepard's death on a red carpet Monday evening.

- "A great man of the theater has passed. Thank you, Sam Shepard. RIP." - Actor Jason Alexander on Twitter. 

- "Sam Shepard. Whenever he came on-screen, you knew you were in good hands. A frame from "Days of Heaven." May he rest in love." - Filmmaker Ava DuVernay on Twitter. 

- "Literally bumped into Sam Shepard many years ago, both of us on our way to see Pillow Man on Broadway. We had a great chat/walk. #hero RIP" - Don Cheadle on Twitter. 

- "I'm coping with Sam Shepard's death by listening to Prince which is just bumming me out more" - Comedian Whitney Cummings on Twitter. 

- "So sad to hear about Sam Shepard passing. A truly original actor and an incredible writer. Sending love to his family. #RIP" - Reese Witherspoon?, who included a broken-heart emoji, on Twitter. 

- "A hero of theatre. A hero of writing. A hero of acting. A hero of mine. Sam Shepard RIP." - Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Twitter.

- "He was to playwrighting what Brando was to acting. Made it look at itself in a new light, redefined it. Gave us new eyes to see ourselves." Actor James Morrison on Twitter. 

- "The consummate artist has passed, the one who spanned genre and discipline w/leonine grace + titanic sex appeal and talent. RIP Sam Shepard" - Screenwriter Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith on Twitter.

- "So sad about the news of Sam Shepard... We still have his theater and his characters, which will live forever." - Actor-director Diego Luna on Twitter, translated from Spanish. 

"RIP Sam Shepard, a true American legend. My first play at CMU was Cowboy Mouth. Your plays and roles will live on forever." - Actor Joe Manganiello on Twitter. 

- "Sam Shepard is one of the greats. These eyes saw so much, and he wrote of what he saw with fearless, timeless honesty. RIP maestro." - Writer-producer Beau Willimon on Twitter. 

- "Sam Shepard was a towering figure in American theater and film. He indeed had "the right stuff." His voice will truly be missed." - Actor George Takei on Twitter. 

- "...A true poet cowboy who wrote from the scariest most beautiful parts of the soul. Thank you Sam" - Actress Betty Gilpin on Twitter. 

- "Cowboy Slim forever and a day. R.I.P., Sam Shepard. #CowBoyMouth and so much more." - Actor David Boreanaz on Twitter.

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