Sail Away

sailing class
If life on the open sea sounds appealing, several vessels are prepared to satisfy your urge - on oceans around the world.

The following programs provide participants - not only sailing lessons - but the chance to serve as crew members of real sailboats traveling to exotic ports.

Ocean Voyages Inc.color>
Sausalitio, Calif.color>

Ocean Voyages lets sailors of all skill levels better their skills while cruising exotic locales. Destinations include Greece, the Grenadine and Galapagos islands, Chile, Venezuela, California's Channel Islands, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia.

Mahina Expeditionscolor>
Friday Harbor, Wash.color>

More experienced seafarers may want to join the crew of the Mahina Tiare III and its professional sailors journeying to islands and villages rarely visited by land-locked tourists. Mahina Expeditions lets participants become actively involved in all aspects of operating a modern ocean-cruising vessel, including steering, sail trimming, anchoring, provisioning, meal preparation, cleaning and maintenance. Trips this summer includes ones along the coast of Ireland and to the Azores.

The Society for the Education of American Sailorscolor>
New Yorkcolor>

The Society for the Education of American Sailors aims to nurture aspiring sailors of the U.S. Northeast. It offers land-based courses on sailing and three- and four-day cruises along the Eastern seaboard.

The School of Sailing and Seamanshipcolor>
Newport Beach, Calif.color>

Part of Orange Coast College, the School of Sailing and Seamanship provides sailing courses at all skill levels. On its educational voyages, crew members learn nautical skills and help conduct field studies of marine wildlife.

Wisconsin Lake Schooner Education Associationcolor>
Milwaukee, Wis.color>

Setting off to sea is not the only way to learn nautical techniques. The Great Lakes region has a rich maritime history. Milwaukee's Wisconsin Lake Schooner Education Association preserves that legacy with classes in wooden shipbuilding, water stewardship, sailing and navigation.

The American Sail Training Associationcolor>
Newport, R.I.color>

Serving as a resource for major sailing events this summr, the American Sail Training Association also has Web links to scores of sailing ships providing training, sea education and adventure travel around the world.