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S.978 could put Justin Bieber in jail for streaming music online

Free Bieber

(CBS) - Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is at the center of a hot music streaming controversy. A hilarious new ad campaign protesting bill S.978 claims the YouTube pop star could go to jail.

The campaign is called Free Bieber. It's a humorous compilation of Photoshopped images of Bieber in jail. One caption says: "From super-stardom to a shared cell with a stainless steel sink/toilet... Bieber thinks 'How did this happen?'" 

Also known as the "Commercial Felony Streaming Act," the bill makes it a felony to stream copyrighted music online.

Bieber's rise to fame accomplished with YouTube videos. As a child, his mother posted videos of him singing R&B cover songs. He was eventually discovered by talent manager Scott "Scooter" Braun and became the pop sensation he is now.

How the bill would play out in reality is unknown, but clearly, we need to focus on priorities: Saving Justin Bieber!

America, are we really going to send the Biebs to jail? Wait. Don't answer that.

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