Ryan: Libya was not Romney's weakest moment of debate

(CBS News) The morning after a feisty town hall debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan defended and sought to clarify some of the statements his running mate made the night before.

"It wasn't his weakest moment in the least," Ryan said on "CBS This Morning," referring to the Wall Street Journal's editorial on the exchange over Libya where the president said he took full responsibility for the attacks, said he called the attack "an act of terror" the day after and blamed Romney for politicizing the tragedy.

Ryan said the administration's handling of the attacks that killed four Americans is "troubling" because "the facts just don't square" with what administration officials have said.

"As the facts come out... we learn more troubling facts by the day," Ryan said.

Fact-checking the second presidential debate

Ryan also clarified what Romney meant when he said he was brought "binders full of women" to fill top positions when he was Massachusetts governor. "He went out of his way to try and recruit qualified women," and that he has "an exceptional record" of hiring women.

As for equal pay for women for equal work, Ryan said he and Romney "of course" support it. But he said he didn't support Lilly Ledbetter legislation while in Congress because it filing for lawsuits for pay discrimination easier.

"The point is Lilly Ledbetter was not an equal pay law. It was about opening up the statute of limitations for lawsuits," Ryan said, defending his vote against it.

On his own debate performance against Vice President Joe Biden, Ryan said he thought "went very well."

Ryan said he thinks the debates "have gone so well" for he and Romney because Mr. Obama and Biden have not provided details for the future.

"Three debates, the vice president and the president have not offered a single new idea about how to turn this economy around and create jobs, they haven't offered a single new idea on how the next four years will be different than the last four years," Ryan said.