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Ryan Gosling ringtones, yes!

Actor Ryan Gosling attends the Palme d'Or Winners Press Conference during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 22, 2011 in Cannes. Getty Images

The sassy women's blog Jezebel took it upon themselves to create a combination that rivals vanilla ice-cream and root beer: Ryan Gosling ringtones.

Now you can hear the "Ides of March" actor's buttery, brooding voice say things like, "Hey, girl! Sorry my shirt fell off" on your cell phone. There is absolutely nothing creepy about this man's voice coming out of your purse at 3 a.m. No way.

The iPhone- and Android-compatible ringtones can be downloaded from Jezebel or SoundCloud. Here's a preview:

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl (mp3)

Ryan Gosling Sorry (mp3)

Ryan Gosling Golden Girls (mp3)