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RSV Campaign Gets Star Backing

It is a pest pier tri virus
that occurs in children under 2
but preelly in premature
children but by the time they
are 2, they would have gotten
some type of rsv, some more
>> why are some so adversely
>> babies born prematurely, they're not fully developed so they can't fight off coals and things like that.
baby who go full term, their
immune system are fully
developed and not as high at
>> what are the symptoms?
>> the symptoms -- it starts off
as a cold.
you think it's a cold.
coughing, fever, runny nose, a
little bit of wheezing.
but rsv spreads easily and
quickly and the way that
parents -- if they think their
baby is at high risk for getting
rsv, they should talk to their
pediatrician and find out what
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